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The idea behind MedXer is simple: users can take an in-app survey about their prescription medication, and earn a few bucks for doing so. The data collected through the app is then aggregated, sanitized and provided as real-time market research to pharmaceutical companies. Our challenge was to develop a user experience that would be intuitive and seamless for all demographics.

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The client provided us with an initial product structure and a set of designs. The Old.St team conducted a UX audit of the initial design and created an architecture that would make the survey, prescription validation and other core features easier to navigate through for both the users and the moderator.

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Our emphasis during the initial design phase was on delivering a simple “happy path”, where users can easily search for a medicine, verify their prescription, take a survey and receive payment.

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We were in dialogue with the initial user base throughout the design and development process, enabling us to evolve elements of the UI based on real user feedback. Once complete, the app fared well upon launch, and MedXer is now enabling users to earn something back for offering their feedback on prescription drugs.

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