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CityMunch is a food discovery app offering real time discounts on restaurants’ menus. Very short term deals - sometimes lasting for as little as 15 minutes - are used to attract customers into London lunch spots at times when they’re most needed, including off-peak hours and days.


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Originally designed in 2015, CityMunch was in need of a fresh approach to its UX. The app had grown in complexity in the preceding years, with different types of deals being available to different people, meaning that the key challenge for us was to distill a complex information set into an immediately understandable design. This was all the more important due to the time-poor City user base.

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We aimed to create a design which, although rich in information, could be absorbed effortlessly. For example, as regards restaurant location, user testing showed that the only immediately relevant piece of information was how long it would take to walk there. We created an eye-catching “person walking” icon, with a “mins walk” number to communicate this. By applying similar techniques throughout the app, we condensed the app’s dynamics to an intuitive, visually appealing interface. A bright, simple colour scheme based on the brand’s green palette helped the app to come across as a helpful, friendly guide to the local lunch deals in your pocket.

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Early testing with CityMunch users showed a vast improvement in reception of the app, with first-time consumers able to navigate the app and interpret its purpose with ease.

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