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Mariana UFP is a UK derivatives brokerage company, that provides access to financial market for institutional investors. They provide the ability to trade cash equities and derivatives.


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Market regulations require Mariana's compliance team to monitor their trading activity for potential market abuse, e.g. insider trading and market manipulation. They are also required to monitor all of their client communications. Their existing system was expensive and not comprehensive in its coverage. they therefore needed a new and improved system to cover all of their compliance requirements.

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We initially spent time researching and discussing with the Mariana compliance team the market abuse regulations with which they needed to demonstarte compliance. This allowed us to pinpoint which data sets we should be gathering and analysing, as well as setting the parameters of alerts in the system. We worked closely with the Mariana team to understand their existing methodologies and where their existing platform fell short of providing them what they needed. We then designed a system that could provide actionable alerts on potential compliance issues, which interfaced directly with the Mariana systems for seamless data extraction.

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The initial platform we built for Mariana analysed all of their daily trades, highlighting any that required compliance checks. The system provided the compliance team with escalation protocols, sped up their process and covered more regulations than their prior system. The second platform created for Mariana monitored all of their communications with their clients, highlighting any potential market abuse for compliance oversight, and provided the team with a searchable record of all of the communications.

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Client Feedback

The Mariana team has been a long standing client and continues to benefit from our close working relationship. "Old.St have created a system that is better, cheaper and more reliable than the one we had before."

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